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SYD Mobile

SYD Mobile is the companion app to the website Designed for easy tracking while on the go, your data is automatically synced with the main website.
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Diet Calculators

Eight great diet calculators in one easy-to-use application for your iPhone. Find your ideal body weight, breakdown the source of your calories, calculate your weight loss percentage and more!
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Daily Diet Tip

Have a new diet tip delivered to your device each day! Tips are compiled from the popular website and are designed to inspire new dieting ideas and techniques, straight from other dieters. - A New Diet Tip Each Day - 5-Day Getting Started Pep-talk - 366 tips total (one for leap year)!
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Meet TapGem, the grandchild of Rubik's cube, Minesweeper, Bejeweled and Sudoku. The object is simple: place gems on a board with 64 tiles and 8 colors so that the number of gems in each column and row match the numbers on the top and side of the board. You've heard this before? Well, there's one more tiny detail; every color must contain exactly four gems....
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