Friends with the Scale

Friends with the Scale features daily Weight-loss lessons, combined with a weight tracking app.

That stupid piece of metal called a scale! It holds the power to make you feel elated one day and devastated the next. But weight-loss coach and emotional eating expert, Linda Spangle, believes that when it's used the right way, the scale can become your biggest ally in any weight-loss plan.

Friends with the Scale presents a smart, practical approach that helps you completely change your relationship with the scale. Based on stories and examples along with scientific data, this app helps you discover the weight-loss power that lies within your scale when you simply make it your friend.

This step-by-step guide will help change your morning weigh-in ritual into one of the most positive moments of your day.

* 28 daily weight loss lessons

* Record your daily weight

* Chart your progress

iPhone, iPad and iPhone Touch Android Kindle Fire

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