Horse Betting Quicktap

Horse Betting Quicktap lets you do a quick analysis of a horse race, without the tedious data entry. Simply answer a few questions by "eyeballing" the racing form and we'll help you analyze the field of horses using a proprietary points system developed by 3 handicappers over the course of a racing season. Perfect for everyone, from beginners to seasoned handicappers.

You start by selecting the number of horses running the race. You then enter in what the experts are choosing (up to 3 different experts). Then enter in recent speed ratings, finish history, favorites (based on odds), longshots (based on odds) and finally, enter in any scratches. All of this data is present on most standard racing forms, however you can leave out data if you wish. Perhaps the best part is: you'll never have to pull up your onscreen keyboard, our unique system for entering this data lets you tap your selections quickly and easily. Our tests show 1 to 2 minutes.

Once you've entered in the data, we'll compute the results and display them in a fun graphical way, along with a text based estimate of the results. And you now have a good set of data from which to pick your horses.

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